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In ascending order:

"Ode to Siegel and Shuster" self-portrait

"I’m here to Chop Cherry Trees and Kick Ass, and I’m all out of Trees" George Washington (1789-1797)

"Abe and Obama" Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865) and Barack Obama (2008-present)

"Rocky VII" Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)

"The Reaganator" Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)

"The Gang’s all Here" John F. Kennedy (1961-1963), George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson (1829-1837), and Abraham Lincoln

All of my work from my Printmaking class. I ended up producing an entire body of work around the concept of a, “Justice League,” of past Presidents (minus the self-portrait). The group consisted of a Captain America-esque axe-wielding Washington, a gunslinging Jackson (which is actually really accurate the real-life man), a steampunk Lincoln, a Hulk-esque, bare-knuckle brawling Roosevelt, and a WII era JFK. I did one wood block print, two linoleum prints, and three intaglio prints. They all vary greatly in size, but most are smaller than 8.5” by 11”. 

Photo Set

"Reading Watchmen"

My second narrative from my Advanced Drawing II class. Formally, this one is much stronger than the first, but the narrative is a bit weaker. India Ink on 22” by 30” Arches rag paper.

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"The State of Modern Gaming"

This was my first narrative piece from my second Advanced Drawing class. I continued to work with the high contrast look. My 17-year-old brother was the model for this one. India Ink on 22” by 30” Arches rag paper.

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Work from my Anatomy class. My personal favorites are the very first charcoal drawing and the Rafael de Sanzio master copy. All were done on various surfaces with various materials.

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"An Uninvited Bedmate"

This was my third and final narrative from my Advanced Drawing I class. I finally achieved the look I wanted as well as getting it up to the formal standards I required as well. As always, my lovely Angela was a great model <3

India ink on 22” by 30” arches rag paper

Photo Set

My second narrative series for my Advanced Drawing class. This is where I began to play with extreme contrast and solid shapes of black and white/shadow mass and light. The look is unique, but these were lacking from a formal standpoint and I would not achieve something that I truly enjoyed until the next series. All are India Ink on 22” by 30” arches rag paper.

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My first of several narrative series, india ink wash on 22” by 30” arches rag paper. Don’t really like these all that much. 

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Some sketches and practice studies I did almost a year ago. They’re only meh-ish now, but at the time it was some of my best work. All of these were done for my Advanced Drawing I class. They are 18” by 24” and 22” by 30” strathmore and arches rag paper respectively. Graphite and India Ink.


Akron Marathon

So I submitted work for a design contest for the 2013 Akron Marathon and was accepted. Go vote for my work on Facebook! It’s the one of the runner (who kind of looks like the Flash) in black-and-white.

Photo Set

Took forever for me to remember to put these up. This was my final project from my figure drawing class that I took this past semester. It is a five-piece multi panel narrative that tracks my familial heritage from about 1870 to the present day; it goes back five generations. Each piece depicts a member (or in one piece, members) from the paternal side of my lineage doing something that was a defining characteristic of who they were. These took me about three months to complete and I consider several of the individual pieces to be some of my best work ever. All of these were done on 100% Cotton Rag Printing Paper with India Ink applied by nib pen, each of their individual dimensions are 24” by 32”.